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1Geddie, WilliamChamber’s 20th Century DictionaryAllied Publishers,New Delhi1966
2Basu, D.D.Commentary on the Constitution of India, 6th ed, V. K: Introduction, Articles 245-281witPopular, mumbai1967
3Kaul, M.N. and Shakdher, S.L.Practice and procedure of Parliament, 1st ed.Metropolitan, New Delhi1968
4Rao, B.S.Framing of India’s Constitution, V.1IIPA, New Delhi1966
5Rao, B.S.Framing of India’s Constitution, V.2IIPA, New Delhi1967
6Rao, B.S.Framing of India’s Constitution, V.3IIPA, New Delhi1967
7Rao, B.S.Framing of India’s Constitution, V.4IIPA, New Delhi1968
8Rao, B.S.Framing of India’s Constitution, V. 5IIPA, New Delhi1968
9Khera, S.S.India's Defence problemOrient Longman, Bombay1968
10Behari, HardevComprehensive English Hindi Dictionary Vol. IGyan Mandal, Varanasi1969
11Behari, HardevComprehensive English Hindi Dictionary Vol. IIGyan Mandal,Varanasi1969
12Gopalan, V.R. and Ramachandran, V.GContempt of court under the ConstitutionEastern Book Company, Lucknow1967
13Walkland, S.A.Legislative Process in Great BritainGeorge Allen & Unwin, London1968
14Mackintosh, J.P.British Cabinet, 2nd ed.Stevens, London1968
15Imam, MohammedIndian Supreme Court and the ConstitutionEastern Book Company, Lucknow1968
16Parris, HenryConstitutional BureaucracyGeorge Allen & Unwin, London1969
17Masodkar, B.A.Law of Meetings in IndiaLawyers Home, Indore1969
18Basu, D.D.Commentary on the Constitution of India, V. 5S.C. Sarkar, Calcutta1967
19Mansergh, N., (ed.)Transfer of power 1942-47, V. 1HMSO, London1970
20Pachauri, P.S.Law of Parliamentary privileges in U.K. and in IndiaN. M. Tripathi, Bombay1971
21Mansergh, N. (ed.)Transfer of power 1942-47, V. 2HMSO, London1971
22Laundy, P. and Wilding, N.Encyclopoedia of Parliament, 4th ed.Cassell, London1971
23Chitaley, D.V.Quinquennial digest 1966-1970: Civil, Criminal and revenue, V. 1AIR, Nagpur1971
24Chitaley, D.V.Quinquennial digest 1966-1970: Civil, Criminal and revenue, V. 2AIR, Nagpur1971
25Dube, M.Speaker in IndiaS. Chand & Co., New Delhi1971
26Mansergh, N. (ed.)Transfer of power 1942-47, V. 3HMSO, London1971
27Chitaley, D.V.Quinquennial digest 1966-1970: Civil, Criminal and revenue, V. 3AIR, Nagpur1971
28Chawla, D.D.Elections : Law and PracticeBahri Brothers, Delhi1972
29Masodkar, B.A.Supreme Court on election law: 1966- 1971Wadhwa, Agra1972
30Fowler ,H. W. and Fowler, F.G.The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English, 5th ed.Oxford University Press, Delhi1972
31Ganguly, B.Administrative Legislation in Modern IndiaS.C. Sarkar, Calcutta1968
32Basu, D.D.Comparative administrative lawS.C. Sarkar, Calcutta1969
33Kaul, M.N. and Shakdher, S.L.Practice and Procedure of Parliament, 2nd ed.Metropolitan , New Delhi1972
34Chitaley, D.V.Fifteen years’ digest 1951-1965AIR, Nagpur1972
35Kashyap, S. C., et alUnion and the StatesNational Publishing House, Delhi1972
36SatyaprakashEnglish-Hindi KoshHindi Sahitya Sammelan, Allahabad1971
37Mansergh, N. (ed.)Transfer of power 1942-47, V. 4HMSO, London1973
38McHenry, F.D.E and Ferguson, J.H.American System of Government, 12th ed.Mc-Graw Hill, New York1973
39Padfield, C.F.British Constitution made simpleW.H. Allen, London1972
40Bromhead, P.A.Britain's Developing ConstitutionGeorge Allen & Unwin, London1974
41Malik, SurendraSupreme court on Constitutional law, V. 1 & V. 2Eastern Book Company, Lucknow1974
42Griffith, J.A.G.Parliamentary Scrutiny of Government BillsGeorge Allen & Unwin, London1974
43Wade and PhillipsConstitutional LawLongmans, London1970
44Collins, L. and Lapierre, D.Freedom at midnightVikas Publlishing House, Delhi1976
45Singh, M.M.Constitution of IndiaWorld Press, Calcutta1975
46Mansergh, N. (ed.)Transfer of Power, 1942-47, V. 5HMSO, London1970
47SatyajitIndia Who’s Who 1975-76INFA, New Delhi1976
48Shakdher, S.L.Constitution and the Parliament in India: the 25 years of the republicLok Sabha Secretariat, New Delhi1976
49Shakdher, S.L.Commonwealth ParliamentsLok Sabha Secretariat, New Delhi1975
50Singh, BhawaniCouncil of States in India : a structural and functional profileMeenakshi Prakashan, Merrut1973
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