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Rajya Sabha
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History of Rajya Sabha
Composition of Rajya Sabha
Officers of Rajya Sabha
Members of Rajya Sabha

How are members of Rajya Sabha elected?

What are the requirements to become a member of Rajya Sabha?

Should a Member be a domicile of the State from which he is elected to Rajya Sabha?

Are there nominated members in Rajya Sabha ?

Do the nominated members vote in the election of the Vice-President and the President?

Who was the first woman nominated member of the Rajya Sabha?

Who are the current nominated members in Rajya Sabha?

Currently how many members of Rajya Sabha are there in the Council of Ministers?

Can a Minister who is a Member of Lok Sabha participate in the proceedings of Rajya Sabha?

Currently how many women members are there in Rajya Sabha and what is their percentage?

Who is currently the youngest member in Rajya Sabha?

Who is currently the oldest member in Rajya Sabha?

Who is currently the longest serving member in Rajya Sabha?

Among the current members of Rajya Sabha, who has the longest legislative experience?
Role and functions

What are the different categories of Parliamentary Committees of Rajya Sabha?

What are ad hoc Committees?

What are Standing Committees?

What are Department-related Standing Committees?

How many DRSCs have been Constituted?

What are the main functions of the DRSCs?

How many DRSCs are there under the jurisdiction of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha?

Which are the DRSCs under Rajya Sabha and the Ministries/ Departments under their purview?

What are the details regarding Chairmanship of the Committees of Rajya Sabha?

What are the functions of the Committee on Ethics?

What sanctions the Committee on Ethics can impose on proved unethical behavior or misconduct of a member?

What is the Code of Conduct for Members enumerated by the Committee on Ethics adopted by the Rajya Sabha?

In pursuance of the Rajya Sabha (Declaration of Assets and Liabilities) Rules, 2004 what information is required to be furnished by Members to the Chairman, Rajya Sabha?

What are the pecuniary interests and the ingredients thereof, identified by the Committee on Ethics, in respect of which information is to be furnished by Members?

Whether pecuniary interests of Members outside the country come under its purview?
Procedure for raising Matters of Public Interest
Parliamentary Privileges
Media and Rajya Sabha
Right to Information and Rajya Sabha Secretariat
Contacting Rajya Sabha